New Survey Shows 70% Increase in Employee Savings Thanks to FinFit Financial Wellness Benefit

FinFit, a leader in providing voluntary financial fitness benefits, announced today the results of their annual Employee Financial Wellness survey.

“From the companies surveyed, we saw an 85% increase in mid-to-large businesses actively offering financial wellness,”1 said Jennifer Creech, SVP of Strategic Partnerships.

“This shows how important financial wellness is to today’s workers, and our new survey clearly demonstrates its positive impact on both employees and the companies they work for.”

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Valentine's Day

February 13, 2018


Joe Judt


“How do I owe thee? Let me count the ways” may not be the way the Browning poem originally went, but it's a talk many millennials will be having this Valentine's Day.1

The question is, will you be having that same discussion with your partner? A heart-shaped box of candy and a dozen roses may be one way of showing you care, but “the talk” is certainly another way of showing you're not only in it for the long haul, but that you want your partner's financial security to be taken care of in the event they're left to manage the household on their own one day.

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Safer Internet Day

February 06, 2018


Joe Judt

Most of us use the Internet on an almost-daily basis and have no difficulty. We log in, take care of our business, often make purchases or other financial transactions, and think nothing more of it. 

Until something happens. Then we wonder why someone doesn't do something to make the Internet a safer place for us.

This year, February 6, someone is doing something about it. Called Safer Internet Day, the campaign originated in 2012 and calls upon young people, parents, caregivers, teachers, social workers, law enforcement, businesses, lawmakers, and beyond, to make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

Not only is the purpose of Safer Internet Day (SID) to create a safer Internet, but also an Internet that empowers everyone to use technology wisely, respectfully, and creatively.

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Safe Tax Season

January 31, 2018


Joe Judt

Even though April 15 is still some time away, tax season has officially begun. If you're one of the lucky ones expecting a refund this year, you probably want to file as soon as possible, and filing online guarantees a quicker payday... unless someone else has already filed for your refund using your identity.

It happens more often than you think. There are many ways internet thieves can get your personal information, but the Internal Revenue Service has issued a “dirty dozen” list that may help you avoid these scams.

According to the Center for Internet Security's website1, there are three big scams that keep reappearing. The first, phishing or malware schemes, are easier to spot than you'd think. If you receive an email that purports to be from the IRS or state government or even financial institutions, they will ask you to click a link that takes you to their website. They're hoping they'll trick you into logging in with your personal information, such as Social Security number, bank account, birthday, and so on. Or, they may simply download malware into your system that will steal this information the next time you use it on a legitimate site.

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Changing Product Lanes

6568824_l.jpgWe’ve all heard the old adage “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”.   As trite as that may sound, it still rings true in business today.  It’s much more cost effective to keep an existing client than it is to replace one.  Statistics vary but according to recent studies, it can cost anywhere between 4-10 times more to replace a client than to keep one. 

In the payroll industry, it’s particularly competitive and clients often bounce between payroll service bureaus (PSBs) based simply on price.  When a client leaves a PSB, that then requires sending out a sales rep to reacquire the client, often at a discount.  Add in the overhead to on board that client again, and the cost quickly adds up.

Historically, payroll companies increased their value proposition by adding new products that eased the administrative burden for the business owner or payroll administrator.  Tax payment services and Direct Deposit were groundbreaking in the 80’s and now are standard services that no company does without. 

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New Relaunched!

August 15, 2017

corporate news

Joel Manzer

We are excited to announce the relaunch of!

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PrismHR Expands the PrismHR Marketplace with Two New HR Technology Providers


Today at PrismHR LIVE 2017, the largest technology conference for professional employer organizations (PEOs) and administrative service organizations (ASOs), PrismHR announced the addition of two new partners to the PrismHR Marketplace: JazzHR, a recruiting software provider, and FinFit, a financial wellness program provider.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources, PrismHR provides comprehensive software solutions for PEOs and ASOs. PrismHR helps those HR service providers save time, improve productivity, mitigate risk, and attract, win, and retain business more effectively than any other available solution.

“HR service providers that use PrismHR have told us they want to deliver additional technology solutions to small and medium-sized businesses,” said Mark Hausser, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing, PrismHR. “We are very excited to announce two new partnerships to make that possible. JazzHR provides advanced applicant tracking capabilities particularly well-suited for organizations that have more complex hiring needs. FinFit provides a great way for worksite employees to improve their financial health.”

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Improve your Financial Wellness Through Spring Cleaning

Did you know that there is a direct connection between your finances and household clutter? 

Take a moment and look at all of those mostly forgotten and little-used items you’ve spent money on over the years.  Sometimes we don’t want to part with those items because the pain is purely financial, rather than sentimental.

Addressing this issue requires first acknowledging that you spent your hard-earned dollars on something you no longer need or require and then letting go of that fear of needing that item later on but not having the funds to replace it.

Of course, placing items into storage is an option but it will cost you more money - the average rent for a 10 x 10 self-storage unit may cost as much as $160 per month!  Many people who choose to store items do so for at least two years, even though at least 65% of self-storage renters have a garage.1  These statistics are a stark reminder that de-cluttering can actually improve your financial wellness and it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

Here are some ways de-cluttering can help you take control of your finances and improve your financial wellness:

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The Best Kept Secret to Removing Financial Stress

March 09, 2017

financial stress

Jen Creech

financial stressAccording to the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study1, financial wellness was accounted as a significant issue of working Americans by an average of 40%.  The same study cited money “as the No. 1 source of stress for a majority of workers – followed by job security and physical health.

In the past two years, more workers have also shared that they find it increasingly challenging to meet their financial goals, including saving for retirement or college and managing their debt. However, there is a solution to remove their financial stress. 

Wellness programs are available that can benefit employees yet they are often underutilized.   The same study cited that despite all the wellness programs offered to them, less than half of employees actually participated in them. However, it was also discovered that employees benefit when they are actively involved in these benefit programs. Financial situations account for 33% of stress, and over 80% of those in the survey say that reducing their stress is important to them.

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Two Ways You Can Help Your Business Now at No Cost to You

Building a business takes the complete and total dedication of all involved. Making sure customers are delighted while ensuring you are getting the best return on your investments is paramount to success.

Finding ways to mitigate some costs can be a challenge.  First there is trying to promote your business with a minimal budget while at the same time ensuring that your employees are focused on building your business.

Here are two ways you can help your business now to address these costs:

First, financial stress is a major contributing factor to employee performance. Employees may miss work or not be focused on work because they are addressing a personal financial crisis.  This can be reflected in absenteeism, poor performance or a perceived need for employers to help these stressed employees by providing an ‘advance on their salary’ or a ‘one-time gift.’

To help alleviate this issue, your Company may have access to the FinFit Financial Wellness benefit.   This benefit helps educate and alleviate many of these financial stresses that your employees may be experiencing.  Encouraging your employees to be a part of this voluntary financial wellness benefit could be all they need to allow them to focus more on your business and not ask you for help when they have a financial challenge.

Secondly, your business may need to be heard more in the marketplace.  Today happens to be National Be Heard Day for small businesses.  We want to help you to be heard.

Share this article through social media and use the hashtags #nationalbeheardday and #finfit.  We will like, share and retweet your status update, connecting you to others doing the same thing.  If you happen to see this post after today’s date, that’s ok – we’ll still help you to be heard.

Taking these steps cost you absolutely nothing and can help your business be heard and help your employees become more financially fit, allowing them to focus more on your business.

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