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Improve your Financial Wellness Through Spring Cleaning

The Best Kept Secret to Removing Financial Stress

Two Ways You Can Help Your Business Now at No Cost to You

Helping Your Clients Stay On Target With Health Care Costs

It's the Right Thing to Do Even When Your Big Game is Everyday

Reduce 401k Borrowing Temptation Through Financial Education

Developing a Corporate Culture that Inspires Employees

The 401k Study You'll Never Forget

The Anatomy of a Great Financial Wellness Program

9 Compelling Reasons Why Your Employees Need Financial Wellness

How Technology is Changing How We Deliver Financial Education

Employee Financial Stress May Be Costing Your Customers

Improving Communications with Millennials Regarding Voluntary Benefits

401(k) Loans: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

3 Ways a Financial Wellness Program Can Help Your Business Grow

How Successful Companies Make the Most of Their Employees

Time to Focus on Employee Financial Wellness

Impact of Financial Wellness on Physical Health

Did you Know your Company’s Success is Inherently Connected to your Employees Finances?

Enhancing the Financial Literacy of your Employees’ Through Employer Benefits

Why Do Financial Wellness Programs Work?

What Financial Health Means to Me

Execupay Partners with FinFit to Offer Payroll with Financial Wellness Program to Customers

The Impact of Financial Stress on a Corporation

Let’s Discuss Financial Wellness

Creating an Environment for Financial Wellness

Recover Costs Through Financial Wellness

Making the Best Choice in Finding the Right Financial Wellness Provider

Addressing the Financial Shame

The Importance of Employees' Financial Wellness

Things to Consider in Regards to a Financial Wellness Program

Being a FinFit Hero to Your Kids

The Financial Fitness Benefit

FinFit Looking to Blooom the Financial Future of Employees

Financially Fit Employees are Productive Employees

Obtaining Financial Wellness

Physical Health Linked to Financial Stress

When a Wellness Program is Available, Employees Are Less Likely to Leave

Viverae Partners with FinFit

California Foundation Fund to Promote Financial Wellness with FinFit

FinFit Joins Forces with Group Benefit Options

Paying With Our Health

Is it the Responsibility of The Community to Offer Financial Wellness to ALL Employers?

Over Half of Americans Have Less than $1,000 in Savings

Is Financial Wellness Finally Taking Off?

Financial Education Works as Another Angle on Employee Wellness

How Long Does It Take To Pay a $2,000 Credit Card Debt with Minimum Payments?

Using Retirement Money to Pay for the Kids’ College

How to Make Your Retirement Last

Financial Wellness Programs Gain Attention

FinFit Ranks Among the Very Best Financial Education Providers

The Financial History of Daylight Saving

10 Best Places for the Wealthiest Retirees

10 Things You'll Pay More For in 2015

How Social Security Can Help You Catch-Up On Retirement

Financial Security Worries Retirement Hopes

Three Things to Remember During America Saves Week

Look Who's Living On The Financial Edge

How Helpful Is Your Employer's Financial Wellness Program

More Companies Offer Financial Wellness Programs

Corporate Wellness is Incomplete Without Financial Wellness

25 Ways to Get Smarter About Money Right Now

Confronting Our Most Basic Financial Fears

Here's How America Needs to Double It's Savings

Four Main Elements Define Financial Well-Being

Financial Stress Levels Deemed 'Too High'

3 Ways Money Leaks Out of Your 401(k)

Sticking to Financial Goals Helps Your Health

10 Steps to an Upgraded Financial Life

7 Steps for Financial Wellness

Improve Your Financial Status with These 3 Numbers

Commitment to Financial Wellness Pays Off

Financial Wellness Programs Help Employees Get More Out of Paychecks, Even Without Raises

Improving Your Credit Score in 2015

Cut These 10 Everyday Expenses and Save Thousands

FinFit is Now Offering Supplemental Health and Term Life Insurance

4 Predictions for Non-Traditional Voluntary Benefits in 2015.

8 Reasons You Should Never Borrow From Your 401(k)

Your Employer May Be Your Best Financial Advisor

Hot Topics in Retirement for 2015

More Employers Tackling Financial Stress

One Major Retirement Mistake

Lifetime Income Estimate Wanted from Plan Participants

4 Simple Steps to Fix Your Finances in 15 Minutes

7 Easy Tips for a Financially Fit 2015

January is National Financial Wellness Month...

How Bad Are Millennials' Finances Compared to Previous Generations?

7 Ways to Jump-Start Your Retirement Savings in 2015

CPAs Championing Financial Literacy for All

Employers Change Approaches to Retirement Due to Demographic Shifts

Fiscally Fit: A New Year's Resolution

Top 7 Retirement Stories of 2014

7 Financial Items to Check Before New Year's Eve

Increase your Savings using these 7 Smart Money Moves

Here are 3 Tips for A Happy Financial New Year

Retirement In Five Easy Steps

Why Financial Wellness is the Next Big Trend for 2015

50 Tips to Improve Your Finances in 2015

Four Items Continue to Impact The Retirement Industry 

A Look Back at Financial Wellness in 2014

What will Impact the Retirement Industry in 2015?

Wellness Programs: Going Beyond One Size Fits All

Less Than Half of Americans Saved for the Holidays

5 Reasons Retirement is More Uncertain

Avoiding Open Enrollment Anxiety

Employers Not Dropping Health Coverage in 2015

Budget: Have you been Naughty or Nice?

Being Thankful This Holiday Season

Top 4 Items That Consumers Hate About Enrollment

Is Your Year-End Financial Plan Missing Something?

Saving for Retirement and Health Care Priority for Employees

A "Pressing Need" for Financial Wellness Programs

Americans are Overworked Yet Positive

Engaging Millennials to Maximize Retirement Savings

Financial Wellness Commitment Pays Dividends

FinFit Offers a Solution to High Deductible Health Care Plans

Aon Hewitt Shows Upward Trend in U.S. Health Care Cost Increases

7 Tips to Keep You On-Budget This Holiday Season

Retirement Planning for a Longer Life

Employers Fight Stress Through Financial Education

Worksite Tip: Add Financial Wellness to Your Benefits Package

Harness the Power of Positive Employee Engagement

Generations X & Y Lack Investing Direction

Financial Wellness Crucial for Company Performance

Financial Health a Missing Wellness Piece

Employer-Offered Financial Literacy Could Increase Productivity

Financial Wellness Increases Savings & Preserve Retirement Accounts

Waging War on Workplace Stress and Employee Distractions

5 Ways Financial Stress is Hurting American Employers

FinFit Ice Bucket ALS Challenge

Employer Lending: Exposing Risks and Rewards

Fun Activities to keep the Kids Busy this Summer

Diagnosing and Treating the Causes of Financial Wellness Issues

Do You Have a Financial Plan For When Mother Nature Strikes?

Promoting Financial Literacy: School Boards Need CPAs

Workers to Pay More As Health Costs Continue to Rise, PwC Finds

Employers Need More Education on Benefits of Financial Wellness

Survey Reveals Increased Absenteeism and Decreased Productivity Due to Financial Stress

Most People Have No Idea How to Manage Their Money

Financial Wellness as Recruiting Tool

Back to School Savings

Financial Wellness and its Impact on Employees

What Does a Valuable Financial Wellness Program for Employees Require?

Tips to Saving Money

FinFit’s Solution for Employee Financial Health


Financial Education of 401K Plans are a Top Priority

Survey Reveals Top 3 Employee Wants in Financial Wellness Programs

How to Improve Your Credit Score?

How You Can Help Your Employees Cope with Unexpected Financial Challenges

The Winter Blues Impact More Than Just Your Mood

5 Habits to Help You Achieve Financial Fitness

5 Steps to Financial Fitness

Virginia Beach Mayor’s Action Challenge

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