How to Improve Your Credit Score?

February 21, 2014

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FinFit Staff

credit scoreAt FinFit, customers often ask us how they can improve their credit score. We coach our customers that there is no quick and easy solution. It takes attention to detail, practicing good habits and sticking with a plan over an extended period time. Financial Fitness takes time and effort. We remind them that a credit score can impact whether you will qualify for a loan and the rates you will be charged for insurance. A credit score reflects payment patterns over time with an emphasis on recent history.

Building your credit history is what improves your credit score. Listed below are some tips to improve your credit history:

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How You Can Help Your Employees Cope with Unexpected Financial Challenges

winterThe first quarter is a busy time for Human Resource Professionals. HR leaders are facing a number of challenges. A growing economy has made it more competitive to attract and retain highly skilled employees. At many companies performance reviews and merit increases are completed early in the year. The rollout of the Affordable Care Act has added to the complexity of day to day operations.

After several relatively mild winters, the Mid-West, Southeast, Mid-Atlantic and Northeast have experienced frigid cold temperatures and record snowfalls. States of emergency, school closings and natural gas shortages has caused stress and reduced productivity at many companies.

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The Winter Blues Impact More Than Just Your Mood

Winter BluesMany people suffer from a phenomenon known as the “winter blues,” a form of depression that takes effect during certain times of the year. As we move on from the uplifting spirits that often accompany the holiday season, it’s never easy to face the stark reality of the daily grind. But this winter has been especially cruel. Weather experts point to a shift in the polar jet stream that has led to record, frigid lows and set more than a thousand local records for snowfall in January.

And for people in areas of the country that rarely experience a white Christmas, including Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and some areas of Florida, the financial burdens of the holiday season have been severely compounded by lost wages and the need to shell out funds for emergency repairs of burst pipes, broken heaters, collapsed roofs, and damaged cars over the past month.

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5 Habits to Help You Achieve Financial Fitness

February 07, 2014

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FinFit Staff

Football.jpgIt takes time, effort, attention to detail, goals, measurements and good habits to become physically fit. Successful athletes are creatures of habit who follow a routine to achieve their goals. The average person benefits from 30 minutes of exercise 3 or 4 times a week. Regular checkups are critical to improving physical health.

The same is true for financial fitness. Regular financial exercise is important to long term fitness. Financial Fitness requires developing short and long term goals and a plan to achieve your objectives.

Financial Fitness doesn’t happen overnight. A little a bit of effort on a regular basis can produce great results. John Wooden, the legendary basketball coach at UCLA is famous for insightful and inspiring quotes. This quote is the perfect mindset to adopt for achieving financial fitness.

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