Worksite Tip: Add Financial Wellness to Your Benefits Package

FinFit_Final_Logo_jpg.jpgA growing number of employers are looking to life and health insurance brokers for guidance on enhancing their employee benefits packages. And of particular interest to these business are financial wellness programs.

FinFit LLC unveils this finding in an online survey of life and health insurance brokers nationwide. A provider of employer-based financial assistance and wellness programs, FinFit asked brokers for perspective on benefits employers are exploring beyond traditional health coverage.

Survey respondents report a growing interest in offering employees a financial wellness program as part of a comprehensive benefits plan to reduce turn-over and increase productivity.

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Harness the Power of Positive Employee Engagement

FinFitLogoFor many employees in the workforce today, remaining employed through the recent Recession is a double-edged sword. While fortunate to have kept their jobs, they are continuously pressed to do more with less. Less staff… fewer resources… less take-home pay. As a result, on-the-job stress is rising and employee engagement is dropping.

When employee engagement drops off, companies typically see marked reductions in productivity. A disengaged workforce also correlates to increased absenteeism, employee turnover, low morale and poor customer service. Unfortunately, high levels of employee stress can have all of these same effects, further compounding the problem.

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