Paying With Our Health

November 19, 2015

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Jen Creech

33214038_m.jpgAbout the Stress in America™ Survey Since 2007, the American Psychological Association has commissioned an annual nationwide survey as part of its Mind/Body Health campaign to examine the state of stress across the country and understand its impact.The Stress in America™ survey measures attitudes and perceptions of stress among the general public and identifies leading sources of stress, common behaviors used to manage stress and the impact of stress on our lives.

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Is it the Responsibility of The Community to Offer Financial Wellness to ALL Employers?

logo.pngIs the Onus on the Insurance and Benefits Brokerage Community to Offer Financial Wellness Programs to ALL Employers?

While it seems as though the US economy is growing rapidly again and Americans are back to work making higher incomes today, employees are still learning how to manage their income, pay their bills on time and save for a rainy day.

It has taken millions of Americans several years to recover from the Great Recession. Many lost their jobs and had to start over. Others lost all their savings including retirement funds. And some have resorted to expensive credit cards that have only lead to further debt. In reaction to these life-changing events, employers have been offering programs aimed at helping their employees manage their finances so that they can ultimately be more productive in the workplace. Not worrying about the next car payment or tuition bill while juggling their responsibilities at work has proven to increase productivity in the workplace.

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