California Foundation Fund to Promote Financial Wellness with FinFit

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAT6AAAAJGY1ZTk1ZWUxLWNmZjMtNDIzOC1iYmViLTMzZDc5NjlmN2IzZQ.pngIn an effort to empower millions of employees, the California Foundation Fund joined forces with FinFit to promote financial wellness in California.

Since their inception, the California Foundation Fund has spearheaded financial literacy programs. This partnership will allow FinFit to offer its Premier Financial Wellness and Credit Solutions Program in California to culturally conscious employers who understand their staff and how stress associated with financial challenges can affect health and productivity.

“Financial education can be an intimidating, private and a difficult topic instruct. Utilizing FinFit makes it easy to learn and implement,” said Miguel D. Vasquez, CEO of the California Foundation Fund.

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