Developing a Corporate Culture that Inspires Employees

Corporate CultureLast year, Business Insider shared what it’s really like to work at Google, the ‘world’s most attractive’ employer.[1] From shuttle service with free Wifi to healthy meals, it’s difficult to compete with all the benefits the tech giant in Mountain View offers. The efforts of Google to create a culture that enhances and motivates shows us that employees look forward to working when they know their company has their best interests at heart.

But what tools can you leverage to help develop an inspirational culture in your clients’ business? 

The best part about developing a corporate culture is that it’s more about the heart of a company, and not how much it costs. There are many strategies a company can apply.

Physical Wellness programs are often shared to encourage better diet habits and physical fitness, which promotes a healthier lifestyle.  At FinFit, we connected with Jim White Fitness and their personal training programs to help our employees become more physically fit.  There may be a similar personal training program in your area that you can make as a part of your business to benefit your employees.

Applying a physical wellness program was easy for us to adopt as we are a financial wellness benefit that tens of thousands of companies have implemented to educate and address their employees financial stress. Research conducted by the StateStreet Global Advisers discovered that 61% of US workers were moderately to severely stressed about their finances.[2] 

Both physical and financial wellness programs can have significant meaning to both existing and prospective employees, especially when they are regularly promoted as part of your clients company benefits.

Another inexpensive tool to help develop your clients corporate culture is to encourage a growth mindset by empowering employees to innovate.  Finding an employee who has a passion to improve how your clients’ business can operate, and seeing how those innovations can be implemented, can be the biggest encouragement to both your client and their employees.

Our goal is to help provide the best financial education, so your clients’ employees can thrive and help build their business through their potential innovations.  

[1] Business Insider



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