It's the Right Thing to Do Even When Your Big Game is Everyday

financial wellnessJust because people are famous it doesn’t mean that they aren’t susceptible to bad financial decisions.  Popular sports stars from Dorothy Hamill to Terrell Owens and Mike Tyson have all filed bankruptcies, due to poor choices.[1]

Life happens, and there are some decisions people can make daily to better prepare themselves for those moments.  Making more informed decisions could have prevented Terrell Owens, an all-time NFL Wide Receiver, to make better investments.  Instead, he filed for bankruptcy in 2012.[2]

Some decisions offer results that didn’t go as planned, such is the case with Dorothy Hamill, whose failed business venture with Ice Capades resulted in her also filing for bankruptcy.[3]

Popular sports stars have proven that no matter who you are, anyone can make bad financial decisions.

What if these sports stars were better equipped and educated to handle their personal finances?  The potential for battling their financial challenges would’ve greatly improved as they would’ve most likely made better choices.

Your clients employees include people like these popular sports stars, who are brilliant at doing their job – but either are ill-informed, make a series of poor personal choices, or something happened in their life that impacted them financially in a negative way.

We want to help encourage and educate your clients employees in improving their financial situation, and be there for them for when life happens.

AON Hewitt asked Employers why they focused on financial wellness and 85% answered “it was the right thing to do.”[4]

These are your clients star athletes, their gold medal winning Dorothy Hamill’s, their wide-receiving Terrell Owens that runs a project when it’s in a tight spot, or the Mike Tyson that gets that presentation done with that knock-out punch.  They all need help in becoming financially fit.

No athlete trains the same way, as each has their own strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed. Like athlete’s, your clients employees have their own specific challenges unique to their situation. Having a personalized and comprehensive financial wellness program can help them in their weakness, and encourage them in their strengths. 

When your clients employees improve in their management of personal finances, their level of stress decreases and their ability to perform increases, as they become more productive.[5]

Get your clients started with a financial wellness program today. After all, it’s the right thing to do.



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