The Best Kept Secret to Removing Financial Stress

March 09, 2017

financial stress

Jen Creech
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financial stressAccording to the Guardian Workplace Benefits Study1, financial wellness was accounted as a significant issue of working Americans by an average of 40%.  The same study cited money “as the No. 1 source of stress for a majority of workers – followed by job security and physical health.

In the past two years, more workers have also shared that they find it increasingly challenging to meet their financial goals, including saving for retirement or college and managing their debt. However, there is a solution to remove their financial stress. 

Wellness programs are available that can benefit employees yet they are often underutilized.   The same study cited that despite all the wellness programs offered to them, less than half of employees actually participated in them. However, it was also discovered that employees benefit when they are actively involved in these benefit programs. Financial situations account for 33% of stress, and over 80% of those in the survey say that reducing their stress is important to them.

 Here’s the best kept secret on removing financial stress issues from the workplace for your clients employees... Encourage employees to get active with their financial wellness benefit.   Just having a benefit is good, but taking part in the benefit has proven to help alleviate employee financial stress.

Is it really that easy?   Yes, it is.  That’s the secret. 

1 Guardian – Employee Well Being Financial Stress Study

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